Bodhi Acupuncture and Wellness also offers the following massage services. Please call to schedule an appointment.


Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) ~ therapeutic massage that uses Chinese meridian theory to address specific issues or ailments and regulate the body’s vital functions. Hand techniques are used to massage the soft tissue of the body, acupressure techniques are applied to directly affect the flow of energy and manipulation techniques to realign the musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships as well as lubricate the joints.

Acupressure ~
to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Thai Massage
~ also known as Thai Yoga Therapy, includes both stretching of the joints and muscles, and applied pressure to the energy lines, which strengthens the body and increases flexibility. It works to clear energy blockages and restore balance and harmony to the body.

~ a traditional form of Japanese bodywork that involves applying pressure to energy meridian and points to move stagnant energy, remove blockages and create balance in the body's energy systems. It is a therapeutic musculoskeletal treatment that is also relaxing.

Myofascial Release
~ involves the release of connective tissues that have become adhered to other adhered fascia to return it to a state of normalcy by applying gentle pressure to the restricted areas.

Neuromuscular/Trigger-Point Therapy
~ is massage applied to specific muscles in order to increase blood flow, release knots of muscle tension, or release pain/pressure on nerves.

PNF Stretching
~ an advanced form of flexibility training that involves both the stretching and contraction of the muscle group being targeted. Excellent for increasing flexibility and improving muscular strength.

Yoga Therapy
~ embracing the holistic healing intrinsic with Yoga, Yoga Therapy is adapted and tailored for people with health problems taking into account their individual needs, health problems, flexibility, capacity, capability, habits, constitution and circumstances. Yoga therapy is a part of treatment, for cure and prevention that empowers people to look after their own health, makes them independent and thus leading to patient's satisfaction and reducing expenditure on consultations, drugs and medicines.

30 min    $50

60 min    $90

90 min    $120

3-Pack (@ $90) receives 10% discount: $243.00

5-Pack receives 15% discount: $382.50

10-Pack receives 20% discount: $720.00


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